About FlannelBadge

An Open Badge Community

FlannelBadge is an online forum and hosting solution for BadgeOS, a free WordPress plugin by Credly that creates an environment capable of issuing Mozilla Open Badges.

Removing Barriers

What’s so great about Open Badges isn’t just that anyone can issue or receive them, it’s that the framework behind Open Badges is open source and free to use.¬†Although BadgeOS and WordPress are not open source, they are both still free to install and are highly customizable.

The barrier that remains is web hosting and domain registration.¬†You can host a site on wordpress.com for free, but you can’t install plugins. FlannelBadge seeks to provide a minimize cost of domain registration and server bandwidth, space and plugins necessary to run a badge environment. If you need help implementing your own BadgeOS installation, check out our FlannelBadge community site or request a consultation.

How it works

FlannelBadge is a WordPress Multisite Installation that enables users to create WordPress blogs with BadgeOS capabilities.

  1. Signup for a FlannelBadge site & username (yoursite.flannelbadge.com)
  2. Setup your brand new WordPress + BadgeOS installation
  3. Start Issuing Badges
  4. Add additional sites as needed

FlannelBadge is currently under development. Please fill out the contact form if you’re interested in the beta test.